Birthday: December 8, 2006

Favorite Color: Pink

Favorite Musician: Adele

Favorite Place: New Zealand, Greece

Top Place of Interest: Italy, Japan


Sophia grew up in Mill Valley and attended Park School prior to our departure.  She loves animals and found it tough to say goodbye to her dog Hiker and all the horses at Morningstar Farms.  Sophia is funny - real funny - and keeps us all laughing when times get tough.  Sophia found her groove once we got across the Pacific and started moving around the islands in our dinghy.  Even though she is the youngest Sophia is often the first to dive in - whether swimming with sharks or jumping into the current for a hair-raising drift dive, when Sophia is in she is all in.  Sophia is also a fine culinary artist.  She made her mark on the board when she served up her now famous Makemo Tuna, which is a dish of wafer thin sliced tuna marinated in blood orange olive oil and her special blend of spices.  Oh yea, Sophia has found horses on islands and continues to get her fill of riding.  Sophia anchors us all in good emotion and really knows how to hold our team together.  We would simply fall apart without her.