The Foundation of Rome

Numitor was the king of Alba Longa (an ancient city near Rome) , son of Procas, descendant of Aeneas (a Trojan hero), and was the father of princess Reha Silvia who gave birth to Romulus and Remus with Mars (the Roman god of war). At birth, Romulus and Remus were thrown into the Tiber River, but saved by she-wolf. After she-wolf died, they were raised by a shepherd until they realized that they were the sons of the princess. When they found out, they decided to build a city in honor of she-wolf, but they argued about where to build it, so Romulus killed Remus. Romulus ruled his city, and named it Roma. He ruled for less than a year until Flavius Odoacer (a Roman soldier) sent Romulus into exile.

(photo source: /2010/05/13/legend-of-rome-the-story-of-romulus-and-remus/)

The Roman Empire

In 49 bc, Caesars civil war started. In 27 bc, Augustus won and made himself the first Roman emperor, and that is how the Roman Empire began. Augustus ruled from 27 bc to 14 ad. He died on August 19 in 14 AD. After Augustus was Claudius, Augustus’s great nephew. Claudius conquered Britain, which was a pretty big deal because many other Roman generals tried to do it, but failed. He died in 54 AD. Next, was Nero. He was known to be the worst emperor. Nero wanted to show his power, so he created the Colossus of Nero. He built it in the city center, so everyone could see the 100ft tall bronze statue. In 68 ad, Nero committed suicide. Than there was a civil war that lasted until 69 ad. In 69 ad was The Year of the Four Emperors. It was a time of great accomplishments. After that year in 117 ad, Hadrian took over. He was the first emperor to visit every city in the empire. When we were in Turkey we went to visit his temple in a place called Ephesus! He died of a heart attack in 138 ad. In 306 ad, was Constantine the Great. He built a new city called Constantinople (modern day Istanbul, Turkey). The last great Roman emperor was Justinian. He wrote all the many laws in one book.