Frank grew up spending summers sailing on his family's Hobie 16 in South Carolina.  His experience with life on the ocean began as crew aboard a 170 foot yacht in the Mediterranean in 1989.  In 1992 Frank spent a year as crew aboard a Pearson 424 ketch sailing from Bermuda to Spain and then returning to the Bahamas along the route of Columbus. He spent six months as crew aboard a Jenneau 36 sloop cruising the Caribbean and Bahamas in 1993. From 1996-98, he circumnavigated the globe aboard a Shannon 50 ketch, where he participated as crew and captain.  It was during that trip that Frank met his wife Marilia. Together they decided that they would one day open the experiences of sailing the world to their family.  

Frank and Marilia purchased Nogal in 2015. Although the purchase was exhaustively researched, it was a leap of faith into the cruising multihull, something that was foreign to the entire family prior to the acquisition.  After purchasing Nogal they moved her to San Francisco to begin a year long preparation for our departure. Frank and Marilia set an objective to design the boat and the trip around everyone's interests and needs, including those of Julia and Sophia who were 11 and 9 at the time of our departure. They drew on Frank's extensive experience and spared no expense in the refit for their voyage.    

The goals of the trip were centered around the natural education of sailing and travel combined with a focus on strengthening family bonds.  We spent an entire year outfitting the boat so that we could be comfortable in very remote areas for extended periods of time.